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Unlock Your Student’s Potential

MyLearning Virtual School of Decatur Township provides an innovative learning experience to help 21st century students build a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievement. We work closely with families to tailor learning to each child’s needs, talents, interests, and styles. This way, each student has exactly what’s needed to do his or her best.

All the Elements of a Well-Rounded Education:

  • Tuition-free for students in grades K-12
  • Hundreds of online courses for anywhere, anytime learning
  • State-certified teachers
  • Opportunities for socialization and friendships
We serve qualified students who reside in Indiana.
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Why MyLearning Virtual School of Decatur Township?

Choosing the right school can transform a child’s life. We personalize learning for every student and provide your family with more flexibility than traditional school. Schoolwork can be scheduled to accommodate travel, music lessons, sports practices, and other activities— without falling behind. Students also have access to extracurricular activities and sports at the local area schools.

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